Weekly Index Reports 19th April 2008

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Banking Stocks Weekly Report 19th April 2008


BHP Trading Report 19th April 2008


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SPI Trading Recap 18th April


Morning Report 8:30….

Yesterday’s view was that the SPI would come down and test 5548 (3-day high break) before it could continue higher.

On the flip side, there is still a large gap to the 3-day lows @ 5374, therefore there is also the potential that there could be a 2nd ‘stalling’ day on Friday, which often occurs when there is a break of the 3-day cycles :- 2-day stall-reversal before the trend continues.

Therefore short trading around the R44 highs is warranted, but it's high risk to be short-trading above the Spiral Filter...

But if price is moving down from a higher Spiral point then the expectation is that the rest of the trading day is moving back down towards 5530….

Morning report…10:10…

Price has pushed down and trading below 5530.....

This is following a 2-day reversal pattern, which now has a random outcome, it can follow a trending day down into 5498 (5-day 50% level , and it can continue back towards the 3-day lows....

Whilst below 5530 is can travel any length on Friday....High Risk trading longs below 5530….

Rejection of the April 50% level @ 5615 and potential 2-day reversal into the 3-day lows @ 5374

SPI Trading 17th April 2008 Recap

Weekly Report....

"C & D set-up:- Continues down into Weekly lows, and then swing upwards back into the Weekly 50% level, and as high as the April 50% level 5614

This is because of the Lower Weekly open and swing back upwards into a 3-day counter-trend move with the 'new' 5-day trading pattern."

SPI Recap 10:47

"Today's open will be a gap open above the 3-day highs, whenever this occurs there is an expectation that price will come down and re-test the 3-day high break @ 5548.

We can see there is a large gap to the 3-day lows (5374), therefore I expect a 2-day stall reversal until those 3-day lows catch up with price for any higher move to continue."

Therefore today I'm looking for a push down from the higher open in an R44 low, but then Thursday moves into a consolidation pattern of 44 point ranges for most of the day."

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SPI Trading 16th April 2008 RECAP #1

SPI Daily and 5-day charts

Lower Weekly open and a swing back towards the Weekly 50% level will complete on today's higher open, this is also match with the 5-day 50% level.

5-day 50% level resistance with the expectation price will push down 44 points....

Once again the 5-day 50% levels today will be a trend guide....

A push down completing 44 points and then trading above yesterday's 5-day 50% level @ 5483 has the potential to push higher into close, but again use the Spiral filter to manage in trades (big or small)"

Morning Report....

15:55 SPI Recap

SPI opened higher and moved down 44 points above yesterday's 5-day 50% level @ 5483 remaining in a tight trading day.

Whilst trading below Today's 5-day 50% level capping the market and swinging in 22 point ranges providing good short term rotating intra-day patterns for day traders using spiral points....

SPI Trading 15th April 2008 RECAP

SPI 15:45

SPI rising upwards from the 5-day lows towards the Weekly 50% level, as part of a lower Weekly open and a 2-day counter-trend move back towards the central zones within the new 5-day Weekly pattern...

SPI Trading 14th April 2008 RECAP

SPI 15:40 Recap

" Today:- The 5-day levels are going to be important :- 5380 and 5357

Set-up A :- It will depend on where price opens but 5357 and the 5-day low is going to be a major support zone today for any move higher.

For those who have been reading my blog for awhile, we know that often a 'gap' open will move down 21-23 points before swinging upwards, so it's important to see that any push lower should hopefully match the channel lows...

I don't see any major 'trending' day today, other than just focusing on the first 44 point range completion" Morning Report...

SPI pushed down on open 5380 (5-day lows), moved in 21-23 point waves most of the day and has completed the 44 point range today