Index, Stock, Forex, & Commodity Reports 22 October 2011

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S&P 500 e-mini futures 21st October 2011 Daily recap

Current price action suggests Friday is going to move upwards..

the 5-day 50% levels are the trend guide/ support

S&P Weekly and Daily cycles

The chance of Friday moving upwards (higher Weekly close) was extremely high, and it's likely to continue higher next week.

After this week’s price action of consolidating above the October 50% level, and Thursday’s price action...

the patterns in the daily cycle of friday suggested more gains.

Weekly Report out later.

SPI fuutres Australian stock Market 21st October 2011 Recap

There is the possibility of weakness based on the levels of 4168-76 forming resistance...

and the price action follows a break and extend pattern from Thursday's lows towards Friday's lows. (42 points down)

SPI Weekly and Daily

Market was trading below the Weekly level @ 4176, and also below Thursday's breakout @ 4175.

Daily level @ 4168 formed resistance  and pushed the SPI down towards Friday's lows....

not 42 points but 41 points precisely.

Weekly report out tomorrow

S&P e-mini futures 20th October 2011 Daily recap

1197.50 is seen as a random support zone :- Weekly level and daily channel

However, I'm not sure that Thursday will move beyond 1212.50

S&P Weekly and Daily range.

S&P remained in a tight trading range between a number of key levels in the daily and Weekly cycles...

as the market continues to consolidate above the October 50% level.

SPI Daily 20th October 2011

Support 4175/76:- Weekly level and Thursday’s 5-day lows.

If below the trend bias is down towards the October 50% level @ 4109, with random support on the spiral filter @ 4137

SPI Weekly and Daily cycles

Either price was going to find support @ 4175 and move up towards 4213 & 42 points…

Or support was going to fail and follow the next line of least resistance towards 4137 and most likely 4109 by tomorrow.

4137 provided a 21 point reversal, but because price is below 4175/76, then my view is that it will extend towards new dynamic lows by tomorrow (Friday’s lows)


S&P 500 e-mini futures 19th October 2011 Daily recap

Today’s trading is based on using the levels... as the market could remain within the blue channels in the daily range (choppy/consolidating trading day)
 S&P Weekly and Daily range.

Early rise into 1226 and the upper blue channel, and then a reversal down.

Helped by a 4.25 spiral top under the daily 50% level @ 1211.25 , for more weakness towards the channel lows

Resulting in a consolidating trading day within the blue channels.

SPI Futures Australian Stock Market 19th December 2011

Trend guide 4225…

Either the trend continues higher from 4225... or remains choppy within a 21 point range for most of the day

SPI Weekly and Daily

Didn’t continue higher, instead remaining choppy below 4225

S&P 500 e-mini futures 18th October 2011 Daily recap

Tuesday is seen as part of a 2-day reversal.

Random support the Daily lows @ 1181

Resistance @ the 50% level @ 1203.50

S&P Monthly and Daily cycles

Tuesday didn’t play out as expected and remain below the Daily 50% level, as part of the 2nd day reversal.

And I can understand why, because the levels in the monthly cycles formed support, sending the S&P into the daily highs 1226.50 once price closed above the daily 50% level.

SPI futures Australian Stock Market 18th October 2011 Recap

US markets have started this week with a 2-day reversal pattern...that means there will be further weakness in the Australian market towards the October 50% level @ 4109

Today:- the closer it opens to 4228 the more chance it has to move down towards Tuesday’s lows @ 4176-87.

SPI Weekly and Daily.
Didn’t rise high enough in early trading to short the market (intra-day :- 21 point high @ 4228)

As it continued down into Tuesday’s lows, random support @ 4187..and then further weakness into the close.

Because of the view that US markets are making a move lower on Tuesday (2nd day reversal), I have the view that the SPI is making its way back towards the October 50% level @ 4109

S&P 500 e-mini 17th October 2011 Daily cycles

random resistance levels around  Monday highs @ 1235

and if below the red filters after 7pm. (Aussie Time)....

There could be weakness towards the blue channel highs (random support)

S&P Weekly and Daily cycles

I wasn’t expecting this week to start off with a 2-day reversal pattern.

But when Support @ 1211-13 failed this was the confirmation that this week was starting with a 2-day reversal pattern, and the trend bias was to follow the daily range towards Monday’s lows (Random support).

Even though Monday’s lows have formed support, Tuesday becomes part of the 2-day reversal


SPI futures Australian stock Market 17th June 2011 Recap

As per Weekly report, my view is that the market will continue higher...

Today's Random resistance 4297/4302

Today's trend guide is 4260/65

SPI Weekly and Daily Cycle

Early rise up from 4260...

but a failure to reach resistance levels (42 points up from today's lows)