Index, Stocks, Forex & Commodities Weekly 8th October 2011

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S&P 500 e-mini futures 7th October 2011 daily recap

patterns at play on friday....A) moves down into the red filter @ 1150 and then continues towards Friday's highs

B) moves up into Friday's highs early but then reverses down into the red filter

S&P Weekly and Daily range

S&P remained within the daily trading range on Friday, without hitting a precise top @ 1175.

Whilst support @ 1150 provided the usual 14 point rise..

resulting in a consolidating trading day.

Weekly Report out later


SPI futures Australian stock Market 7th October 2011 Daily recap

Resistance 4141 ( Weekly highs)

Support 4109-4112. (October 50% level and Friday’s highs)

Two patterns at play… #1) reverses down from 4140-42…

#2) rises up from the 4109-4112 and breaks out and continues towards next week’s highs.

SPI Weekly and daily

Market opened near support, and then proceeded to follow another breakout pattern in the daily range....

with the expectation that the trend will continue towards next week’s highs.

As noted in last week’s report…..

"Around 3800-3820, could form support and get to the market to swing back up towards the monthly 50% level in October ( & Weekly highs)"

That happened precisely, but the reversal upwards has proceeded to close above a number of levels that often act as resistance:- Monthly 50% level and Weekly highs

 and the trend is likely to continue to move upwards next week…

Weekly report out tomorrow.

S&P 500 e-mini futures 6th October 2011 Daily recap

S&P looks to be moving up towards the Weekly 50% level @ 1160

my view is UP using the channel highs as the trend guide

S&P Weekly and Daily cycles

S&P has continued upwards on Thursday completing the move into the Weekly 50% level @ 1160


SPI futures Australian stock market 6th October 2011 Daily recap

Weekly cycles suggests more upside, and price is either going to continue towards Thursday's highs, which match the Weekly 50% level...@ 4056-58 (resistance)

or it closes yesterday’s gap on open (21 to 42 points) but remains above 3951

SPI Weekly Daily cycles

The SPI didn’t close yesterday’s gap ( from 4000-4007) , but has continued upwards as part of the Weekly cycle  low support pattern

The most logical attraction zone is the Weekly 50% level @ 4056, but it was also seen as a resistance level, along with the matching Daily high @ 4058

However, resistance only lasted 18 points on the open and  only 18 points @ 4058.

and the market has continued upwards rotating towards the monthly 50% level in October @ 4109…

S&P 500 e-mini futures 5th October 2011 Daily recap

price action in the Weekly cycles suggest more upside...

Support 1108-1111:- (14 points)

and upside target and resistance 1138

S&P Weekly and Daily cycles

Ideal set-up for more gains this week, as Tuesday’s price action and daily close above the Weekly level @ 1111, aligned precisely with the daily channel lows @ 1108

The S&P 500 initially rose 14 points precisely, moved into a consolidating pattern for a couple of hours, and then proceeded to move towards 1138 and another 30 point range

SPI futures Australian Stock Market 5th October 2011 Daily recap

Resistance on open is once 3951 (weekly level and Daily 50% level)

Trend bias is down 21 points as a first partial exit target, and then 42 points

Random support 3880

SPI Weekly and Daily cycles

Early resistance around 3951 on the open, but then it popped up into a high @ 3957, which was a continuation of the 42 point spiral top from yesterday.

Once that completed and moved back below 3951, the trend bias was down…but it didn’t reach the support level @ 3880

With the SPI rising up from it's Weekly lows @ 3820, there is now a possible continuation of the upward swing towards the Weekly 50% level, as last night's pattern completes the break and extend pattern from the previous Weekly breakout @ 4002 down into this week's lows @ 3820.

However, it will need some help with price action in US markets tonight...

otherwise, there's the October lows looming, which is the overall downside target during the 4th Quarter.

S&P 500 E-mini futures 4th October 2011 Daily recap

Trend guide and resistance @ yellow level @ 1091.75 (14 points +)

Breakout of Monday's lows should continue down into Tuesday's lows (Random support @ 1068).

I haven't factored an UP day, but it could retest the Monday's lows  @ 1102-1104  if price rises up from Tuesday's lows @ 1068

S&P Weekly and Daily
Monday closed below the Weekly lows, along with a break and extend pattern set-up in the Daily range.

1091.75 help set-up another move downward (14 points +)…towards Tuesday lows ;- break, extend, &  thenreversal.

I hadn’t factored an up day until the market completed the move down into Tuesday’s lows…

and those daily lows @ 1068 (precise low) provided an ideal swing trade of another
14- points + that has seen more short-term gains towards Monday’s lows @ 1102-1104, as part of retesting Monday's breakout

SPI futures Australian stock Market 4th October 2011 Recap

SPI is moving down into the Weekly lows (Random support @ 3805-3820)....

However, Tuesday’s lows @ 3855 could form support ($2 points), and as high as 4027 (84 points)

SPI Weekly and Daily range

Tuesday’s lows @ 3855 formed support, sending the market upwards (42 points), and then into a consolidating pattern for the rest of today.

Trend bias remains bearish, but could continue up towards 4027 during sycom hours (84 point range)

S&P 500 e-mini Futures 3rd October 2011 Daily recap

Weekly level @ 1111 could form support....

However, the daily range doesn't favour a large upward trend bias looks to be moving down into Monday's lows....

Resistance:- 1133-35
&P Weekly and Daily cycles

Early rise up from the Weekly level @ 1111 into the Daily resistance level @ 1133-1135.

This help set-up an ideal short-trade position for a move back down into Monday’s lows (30 points)…

Resulting in the market breaking those daily lows and continuing down into the weekly lows @ 1090….

As part of a move towards the October lows @ 1046

SPI Daily 3rd October 2011 Daily recap

Trend bias is down towards the Weekly lows...(3805-3820)

however, Monday could rise upwards from 3918 and retest the Weekly level @ 3951 (random resistance)


SPI Weekly and daily cycles

Early rise up from 3918 and a retest of the Weekly level @ 3951, which formed resistance.

close below 3918 set-up further weakness towards Monday's lows...

as part of a move towards the Weekly lows