Index, Forex, Commodities, Stocks, Weekly Reports 12th November 2011

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Note: Weekly BHP, RIO, TLS, Banking Report Update

S&P 500 E-mini futures 11th November 2011 Daily recap

Based on the levels in the daily looks like the market will move upwards....

as longs as it remains above the 50% levels and trend guide @ 1244

Note:- blue channel lows random support:- 1234-36

S&P Weekly and Daily cycle

Early weakness back down towards the Weekly 50% level, but the closure back above the trend guide @ 1244 help send the S&P into a higher daily close.

This was helped by this week’s 50% level @ 1236 supporting the trend.

Weekly report out later

SPI Futures Australian Stock Market 2011 Daily recap

Trend bias is based on the two levels on Friday…(4268 & 4292)

Either it remains choppy between those levels

Or above 4292 could see a move up towards the Weekly level @ 4334 once again.

SPI Weekly and Daily

Early selling pressure on the SPI, which could have resulted in further weakness if it remained below @ 4268…

But the natural path was to follow the Weekly 50% level support pattern and rise up towards a higher Daily & Weekly close once it started to trade above 4292.

Weekly Report out tomorrow

S&P 500 E-mini Futures 10th November 2011 Daily recap

Trend bias is down, however the levels in the 5-day range could see price rise upwards using the red filter @ 1222 as the trend guide

as high as the 5-day 50% levels:- Resistance 1240-43

S&P Weekly and Daily

Precise counter-trend move upwards on Thursday from 1222...

And the daily 50% level and channel lows @ 1243 providing resistance of 14 points.

SPI Futures Australian Atock Market 10th November 2011 Daily recap

opens today in relation to 4240 (Weekly 50% level).

My view is that it will push down towards 4210. (Thursday’s lows)

4210 is random support, which could  rise as high as 4254 (42 points)

SPI Weekly and Daily

Early push down from the Weekly 50% level and into Thursday’s lows @ 4210.

That provided support and a late rally….(42 points +

S&P 500 E-mini futures 9th November 2011 Daily recap

the 4th quarterly 50% level @ 1274.50 has stalled price from rising.

If below 1270.50 could see a 1-day reversal pattern and a lower daily close.

First target 1260.

S&P Weekly and daily cycle

As noted in the Weekly report, the Quarterly 50% level @ 1274.50 is a major resistance level, and Tuesday's highs stalled at that level, and once Wednesday was back inside the weekly level @ 1270.50 the trend bias was down.

First target was reached @ 1260 for Aussie traders....

And then the Weekly 50% level @ 1236.50 (& channel lows @ 1238) provided random support of 8.5+ points…

Sadly the bounce off 1236.50 didn't reach the 5-day 50% level @ 1253, as this was the next resistance level...

with the expectation that the trend was continuing down towards a lower daily close. (Wednesday's lows @ 1222)

SPI Futures Australian Stock market 9th November 2011 Recap

Trend bias is based on the Weekly level @ 4334

Random resistance @ 4366

SPI Weekly and Daily cycle.

Open above the Weekly level @ 4334 and then proceeded to move up into 4266, stall…

And then reverse back down into the close.

S&P 500 e-mini Futures 8th November 2011 Daily recap.

Trend bias to continue higher...1270-1274

However, no ideal set-up in the daily range

S&P Weekly and Daily cycles.

As per yesterday’s recap… the trend bias was to continue higher after price bounced off the Weekly 50% level.

1274.50 is a major trend level (4th Quarter 50% level), and it may continue to act as resistance.

However, a breakout of the daily highs, will often continue to extend upwards the next day

SPI Futures 8th November 2011 Daily recap

Support 4273/75

Resistance 4215-18

SPI Weekly and Daily range…

Lack of range movement, as the market remains within a 21-point range above 4273/75

S&P 500 e-mini Futures 7th November 2011 Daily recap

Trend bias is up, however, my view is that price will move down towards the Weekly 50% level @ 1236.50 and form random support

S&P Weekly and Daily cycles.

Early trend bias was down , using the daily channel highs @ 1251, as the trend guide

The Weekly 50% level @ 1236.50 formed support, an overall upward bias in the larger timeframe cycles has seen the market close higher on Monday

And likely to continue up towards 1270-1274 by Tuesday

SPI Futures Daily 7th November 2011 Daily recap

Trend bias is up, as long as is remains above the Weekly 50% level @ 4240

However, the daily levels on Monday could act as resistance @ 4273-4283

SPI Weekly and Daily

Consolidating price action of 21-point ranges, as the market remains below the daily resistance levels for most of the day...(4273-83)

 trend bias remains up, as long as it's above the Weekly 50% level @ 4240