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S&P E-mini futures 4th November 2011 Daily report recap

Is the S&P going to continue higher on Friday, as part of a continuation up from the Weekly 50% level??

the blue channel highs & Weekly level @ 1250.50 are the trend guides....

with a move upwards 8.5 to 14 points towards 1274

S&P Weekly and Daily range
 S&P initially moved upwards from 1250.50, but  it then failed to continue higher...

 remaining in a tight 14 point trading range for most of the day around the Weekly level @ 1250.50.

Weekly report out soon

SPI Futures Australian Stock Market 4th November 2011 Daily recap

Trend bias is up towards 4298, which is seen as a random resistance zone today.

Support remains the 50% levels @ 4249-53

SPI Weekly and Daily cycle

Market has continued up from this week’s support levels, helped by today’s support levels @ 4249-53.

It didn’t complete the precise move towards 4298, only rising 41 points

Weekly Report out tomorrow

S&P 500 e-mini 3rd November 2011 Daily report recap

looks well supported above the Weekly 50% levels, with a possible move up into the Weekly level @ 1250.50:- the red filter the trend guide

The 5-day 50% levels possible resistance

S&P Weekly and Daily cycles

S&P moved upwards and reached the Weekly level @ 1250.50

This saw selling hit the market, but it then stabilised above the 5-day 50% level: -
ss the resistance zone, became the support zone in the 2nd half of the day

And the current price action looks like it can continue to move towards higher highs by Friday…

As the market rises up from the Weekly 50% level, and is now trading above 1250.50

SPI Daily 3rd November 2011 Daily recap

Market trading above the higher timeframe 50% levels

Trend guide @ 4178.

Expectation is the price will move down on open towards 4178, and then try and rise up towards 4231 later in the day.

SPI Weekly and Daily

Market moved down, but it kept on going down once below 4178.

Price continued down another 42 points, and in late trading rose up 42 points from the lows.

Market continues to trade around major support levels.

S&P E-mini futures 2nd November 2011 Daily recap

current price action suggests a move back towards the daily 50% level.

The 5-day 50% level is seen as resistance 8.5 to 14 points

S&P Weekly and Daily cycles.

We have seen this week begin with a 2-day reversal towards into higher timeframe 50% levels, and Wednesday was seen as a day that would try and rise upwards, using those levels as support

Today moved upward, without precisely reaching the daily 50% level @ 1241.50

SPI Futures Australian Stock Market 2nd November 2011 Daily report

Because the market is trading around the higher timeframe 50% level, the view is that the market will try and rise upwards today, (42 points)…

Weekly and Daily lows support @ 4146.

Target 4216 or 84 points up from today’s lows.

SPI Weekly and Daily cycles

Early weakness down into the daily &  Weekly lows, and then a rise of 42 points.

The market then moved back down into support.....

and then proceeded to move upwards, failing to reach the precise 84 point range (4211) & 4216

Trend bias remains the Weekly lows

S&P 500 e-mini futures 1st November 2011 Daily recap

Based on the current price action, the trend bias is down

into the Weekly 50% levels and Tuesday's lows @ 1212.75

S&P Weekly and Daily range.

Continuation of the reversal back towards the new monthly 50% level in November, with a nice set-up in the daily range, as price is rejected down into Tuesday's lows.

Tuesday’s lows @ 1212.75 provided support (14 points)...

and the market at this stage remains above the higher timeframe 50% levels for the time being.

SPI Futures Australian Stock Market 1st November 2011 Daily report

Trend guide 4243-47:- Trend bias is down, but today could also have a similar pattern as yesterday, defined by the spiral filter and blue channel lows (4243/47)

 Yesterday moved down 21 points from the spiral filter and then rose upwards 42 points.

This could happen today from 4225

SPI Weekly and Daily

Early move down from 4247 into 4225 (21 points)....

and then a rise of 40 points (not 42 points)....

and then more weakness into the close, which was a similar pattern as yesterday...

as the market continues down towards the November 50% level

S&P e-mini futures 31st October 2011 Daily recap.

Trend guide 1274.50

Below 1274.50 and expectation the market slips down into the 5-day 50% level (random support), as part of retesting of the Weekly levels @ 1250 over the next couple of days.

S&P Weekly and Daily range.

Trend continued down from 1274.50 into the 50% level @ 1259.25, which provided an 8.5 point reversal, but then the market continued lower closing below the Weekly level @ 1250.

The important part of this reversal is not only the short-term weakness, but it’s also being sold down from the 4th quarterly 50% level @ 1274.50, which is a major influence during this quarter.

Current price action suggests more weakness towards the Weekly and new Monthly 50% levels in November.

SPI futures Australian Stock Market 31 October 2011 Daily recap

If it opens below 4346, then the trend bias is down into 4314, which is seen as a random support zone, and price could move into a consolidation pattern for a number of hours.

As part of a move towards the 50% levels @ 4298, and could go as low as Thursday's highs @ 4279

SPI Weekly and Daily cycles.

Early selling down into 3414 and then a precise 42-point rise upwards…

And then more weakness into the close, as price reverses back towards the Weekly level @ 4298, and as low as Thursday’s highs.