Index, Forex, Stocks 1st Jan 2011 Weekly

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Note: Weekly BHP, RIO, TLS, and Banking Report Update

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  • S&P (e-mini ) 31st December 2010 Recap

    1256.25 resistance looking for a move down…

    S&P Weekly and Daily range.

    Early resistance @ 1256.25 pushed the S&P down into the lower channel @ 1250.50, which was 8.5 points from Wednesday’s highs.

    The down move didn’t continue, and once price was back above the 5-day 50% level, the trend bias was to follow the weekly dynamics towards the highs, and likey to continue higher in the first Quarter of 2011.

    Weekly report out later.

    SPI Daily 31st December 2010 recap

    After yesterday's failure to remain above 4791 and with today below that level, I can't get bullish.

    Trend guide 4790 downside target Friday’s daily lows (42 points)

    SPI Weekly and Daily range.

    Expectation the SPI would move down into Friday’s lows @ 4756, but I didn’t expect the ‘flash Crash’ towards the 3-week lows.

    I have no idea what triggered that drop, but that completes the
    move down into the 3-week lows...

    which is the pattern that I normally associate with the market moving down into support and then continuing higher in the following Quarter.

    Previously weekly report.

    "In the short-term the trend remains stable with an upwards bias, however we need to keep an eye on the possible SPI move down into the Weekly lows @ 4692 over the next 2-weeks...

    As this pattern would provide the next 'support' level for the trend to continue
    towards those first Quarter highs in 2011"

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  • S&P (e-mini ) 30th December 2010 Recap

    Resistance:- daily and weekly highs

    S&P Weekly and Daily range.

    Another tight trading range as the market consolidates above the previous weekly highs...

    SPI Daily 30th December 2010 recap

    As mentioned yesterday, we have seen US markets and currencies move lower only to HOOK back above the Weekly levels and continue to follow an upward trend.

    For that to happen the SPI needs to be trading above those levels :- 4787-91.

    SPI Weekly and Daily range

    Ideal long trade would have been a lower open around 4772 for a move upwards.

    Instead the market opened near the trend guide @4787 and consolidated for most of the day between the levels in a tight trading range

    SPI Daily 29 December 2010 recap

    we have seen US markets and also currencies move down at the start of this week, only to Hook back above the weekly levels and then push upwards the next day

    Trend guide 4791-94.

    SPI Weekly and Daily range.

    SPI opens below the filter and Weekly level @ 4791-94 and is pushed down into random support @ 4764.

    Whilst the market is below 4791 the trend bias is down into the Weekly 50% level and then towards the Weekly lows.

    However, as seen in a lot of markets this week….

    This price action can often turn around and push upwards to finally complete the December highs @ 4823-41, if tomorrow begins trading above 4791

    Trend guide for the rest of this week is 4791

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  • Index Futures SPI, DOW S&P, & Forex
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  • S&P (e-mini ) 27th December 2010 Recap

    price action during globex hours on Sunday now looks to be moving back towards the highs.

    Trend guides 1248 & 1253.75

    S&P Weekly and Daily range

    Tight trading range of 8.5 points between the levels.