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S&P 500 e-mini 9th December 2011 Daily recap

The red filter @ 1229.50 could form support @ 7pm and push markets upwards

5-day 50% level & Weekly level 1246-1249 resistance early in the day, but Random resistance if price is rising up from precise Friday lows.

S&P Weekly and Daily Range…

Early move down into 7pm (Sydney Time) saw price swing back upwards from the red filter @ 1229.50 (8.5 points) towards the resistance levels. (Channel lows 1246 & Weekly level @ 1249)

1246/49 formed resistance early in the day…for a number of hours(another 8.5 points)

but as time wore on, Friday’s resistance levels failed to hold, as positive news came out in regards to the Euro zone.

Weekly Report out later.

SPI futures Australian Stock Market 9th December 2011 Daily recap

4209-11 is seen as support and the trend guide on whether there Friday consolidates for most of the day (ABOVE SUPPORT) 21 point ranges, but below Friday’s lows 4230-52

If below 4209 then the trend bias is down towards the December 50% level @ 4134

SPI Weekly and Daily cycles.

Early rise up from 4211 (spiral filter low) 21 points, but because of Friday’s lows, along with a breakout in US markets, there is an expectation that there would be further weakness in global markets in the short-term.

The Continuation down towards the December 50% level @ 4134 will depend on how US markets react to their own Friday 5-day low random support pattern.

Weekly report out tomorrow

S&P 500 e-mini futures 8th December 2011 Daily recap

Trend bias is upwards…

Random resistance Thursday’s highs (8.5 points)

S&P Weekly and Daily cycles

Continuation up towards the Daily highs from the 50% level.

Thursday’s highs formed resistance 8.5 points..

But then continue down, breaking out of the 5-day range @ 1245

“5-day range tightening up, which would lead to a breakout” Wednesday's report

Current expectation is that the break and extend from Thursday will continue towards Friday’s lows, and the Weekly 50% level.

Unless some major development is announced on Friday in regards to the Euro zone, that could see tomorrow close higher.

SPI Daily 8th December 2011 Daily recap

A move down from 4307, and we
are looking for the 42 point range to close lower (4282)...

if that is the case then 4288 become the trend guide and
whether there is further weakness into the close..

SPI Weekly and Daily cycles

The SPI is trading below the Weekly level @ 4319,
therefore there is a bias to move lower….

Helped by the daily filter @ 4307 (21 to 42 points)

S&P 500 e-mini Futures 7th December 2011 Daily Recap

Trend bias is UP, as long as it's above the blue channel highs @ 1261

Random support channel lows @ 1246.50

S&P Weekly and Daily cycles

Another consolidating trading day between the daily channels…

Whilst remaining above the Weekly level @ 1249.50

Australian Stock Market 7th December 2011 Daily Recap

Resistance 4323

Trend bias is to down 21 to 42 points (towards 4275)

SPI Weekly and Daily cycles

4232 provided resistance (21 points)….

Without completing the 42 point range.

Weekly level @ 4319 continues to be the trend guide, whilst US markets continue to trade above their own.

S&P 500 E-mini Futures 6th December 2011 Daily Recap

Weekly level @ 1249.50 is the trend guides

Blue channels and red filter are the trend guides on any weakness

channel lows @ 1242 are random support (8.5 points)....

S&P Weekly and Daily cycles

Monday’s  lower daily close and further weakness during Globex hours, and my view was that Tuesday would continue down towards 1242 (Random support)…

And possibly lower , as part of a 2-day reversal pattern.

Instead Tuesday ended up being a 2nd day ‘stall pattern’ (choppy), as the Weekly level continued to support the current upward trend.

Weekly level @ 1249.50 continues to remain the trend guide for this week.

SPI Daily Australian Stock Market 6th December 2011 Daily recap

Below 4319-29 and the trend bias is down, as part of a 2-day reversal pattern.

First target is 4280 and as low as 4262 (84 points down from yesterday’s highs)

SPI Weekly and Daily cycles

Below the Weekly level @ 4319, and the market completes the 84 point range @ 4262.

As part of a 2-day reversal pattern, and which US markets could follow....

S&P 500 E-mini Futures 5th December 2011 Daily recap

Above the Weekly levels, the trend bias is UP

Trade on the side of the blue/red filters...

Each way bet on Monday's direction
S&P Weekly and Daily cycles

Early move upwards on Monday (14 points precisely), but a failure to continue towards Monday’s highs.

Weekly level is still the trend guide….

And if below, Tuesday’s is seen as part of a 2nd day reversal….

Australian Stock Market SPI Futures 5th December 2011 Recap

Below 4319 and my view is that this week will begin with a 2-day reversal

If above 4319, random resistance@ 4337

SPI Weekly and Daily cycles.

My view was that the SPI move lower today.

However, the S&P 500 opened  above its own Weekly level @ 1249.50, and proceeded to push higher during Sunday's trading hours...

And the SPI followed, moving towards 4337 & stalling,