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S&P 500 E-mini Futures 28th November 2012 Daily recap

The Weekly cycle is pushing the S&P lower, but the monthly cycles and single monthly highs (RED), as shown in the Weekly report is 1386,  can form support until the end of the month...

This is matched by Wednesday’s Lows @ 1386. If it does dip below 1396 then 1386 is the TARGET, WHICH MATCHES WEDNESDAY'S LOWS & SUPPORT

S&P Weekly and Daily cycles

Perfect set-up with a 4 hour close below 1396 providing a 10 point move down into Support @ 1386

Wednesday's 5-day lows along with the Single monthly high at the same price @ 1386 has provided the perfect LONG-SETUP for the trend to continue higher...

A daily close above the Weekly level & November 50% level should hopefully see the next 2-days continue higher to close out the month of November
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