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S&P 500 e-mini futures 23rd September 2011 Daily recap

text book pattern will follow the breakout of the Weekly and daily lows and continue down into Friday's lows (random support)

S&P Weekly and Daily range

Thursday's close below the Weekly lows was seen as a breakout, which would often act as resistance.

This pushed price down towards Friday's lows....

with the expectation the trend is moving down into the September lows

Weekly report out later

SPI Daily Australian Stock Market 23rd September 2011 Daily recap

Trend bias is down towards September lows, however today’s support is @ 3882

Resistance @ 4924.

Not sure the market will rise 84 points.

SPI Weekly and Daily.

Expectation 4924 would act as resistance.

This pushed price down more than 21 points towards support levels, but then the news hit the markets around midday…..


This saw the market rise precisely 84 points from today’s lows., which then resulted in a consolidation pattern of 2X42 point ranges, back towards the lows

Trend bias is for the market to continue lower….

However, this news could result in US markets rising upwards once the cash market opens.

S&P 500 E-mini 22nd September 2011 Daily recap

As per Weekly report, the trend bias can continue lower for the rest of the week, which means, the Weekly lows are random support levels….

With the possibility that the trend continues down into the September lows.

Random support @ 1135 (8.5 to 14 points

S&P Weekly and Daily cycles

Daily and Weekly lows were seen as random support levels @ 1135. (8.5 to 14 points)

However, these levels failed to hold any support, and the market has continued lower, as mentioned in last weekend’s Index report…..

Traders should keep an eye on the Weekly level @ 1218. if below at the start of next week, then look for a 2-day reversal pattern .if price breaks out of the 5-day lows on Tuesday, then the trend will continue lower for the rest of the week….. Weekly report.

That breakout occurred 1 day later @ 1178, as the 5-day range tightened up.

Current expectation is that price is moving down into the September lows.

Note:- GOLD Report UPDATED

SPI futures Australian Stock Market 22nd Sept 2011

Resistance 4006-4011

Breakout of the 5-day lows and Weekly lows could see the market continue down into the September lows.

Random support 3967.

SPI Weekly and Daily range.

There was an expectation that last week’s lows @ 4006 and the spiral filter @ 4011 would act as resistance and continue down 42 points towards 3967.

Because price is below the Daily and Weekly lows (4002), there is an expectation that the trend is moving lower…..

With the possibility that price is continuing towards the September lows during the current month of September

S&P 500 e-mini futures 21st September 2011 Daily recap

two resistance levels # 1205.50 & 1216-18

and below the daily 50% level will likely put pressure on the market, as the 5-day range tightens up.

S&P Weekly and Daily range

As per Weekly report, I was looking for a potential breakout of the 5-day lows on Tuesday.

The break of those lows came in 1 day later, as price moved below the daily 50% level, and helped by the tightening of the 5-day range.

Short-term, price should continue down into the Weekly lows (random support)....

as part of a move towards the September lows

SPI futures Australian Stock Market 21st September 2011 recap

Resistance 4085-89 (42 points towards 4031)
SPI Weekly and Daily range.

Market remained within the daily levels after reversing down from the spiral filter @ 4085.

Each way bet on the direction of the market, after the S&P 500’s failure to move down on Tuesday

S&P 500 E-mini 20th September 2011 daily report recap

Tuesday is part of a 2nd day reversal pattern, if below 1187…

Otherwise price can swing back up towards the channel highs

S&P Weekly and Daily range

My view was the Tuesday would continue down after Monday’s trading and selling during globex hours.

However, Tuesday didn’t come to the party, as the price remained within the daily channels.

So instead of the market moving into a 2-day reversal pattern, the market has moved into a 2-day ‘stall’ pattern, resulting in a tightening of the 5-day range….

which will lead to a breakout over the coming days…..

SPI futures Australian Stock Market 20th Sept 2011 daily recap

Tuesday is seen as part of a 2-day downward reversal pattern

a 2nd down day could follow a primary range of 84 points, and continue lower overnight if the S&P follows a similar 2-day sell pattern

SPI Weekly and Daily range.

Tuesday has continued down, without hitting resistance levels @ 4112.

Any further weakness in the short-term will depend of price action is US markets overnight

S&P 500 E-mini 19th September 2011 Daily report recap

Expectation of a 2-day reversal from Friday's highs

Resistance 1205

Support Weekly 50% level

S&P Weekly and Daily range

Monday was part of a 2-day reversal pattern down from Friday's highs

A robust reversal pattern would have seen the market close below the Weekly 50% level.

However,  Monday has closed upwards, but remaining below the resistance level @ 1205

A Robust 2nd day reversal pattern would need to see further weakness during Globex trading hours and Tuesday selling down from 1188 during cash market hours.

SPI Daily Australian stock market 19th September 2011 recap

my view is that price is moving lower for the next 2-days, but could remain above 4122 (down 42 points) on Monday

SPI Weekly and Daily range.

SPI opened much lower on Monday after the report, as US futures moved lower during Sunday's globex trading.

This resulted in the market moving down from open 42 points (84 points from Friday's highs), and then remaining below 4122.

Monday is the first day of an expected 2-day reversal to start the week...

and the rest of the week will be defined by the price action in the S&P on Tuesday, as per Weekly Index report