Index, Stocks, forex, Commodities OIl, GOLD, SILVER 21st April 2012 Weekly Reports

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Australian Index (SPI) Futures

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Note: Weekly BHP, RIO, TLS, Banking Report Update

S&P 500 E-mini futures 20th April 2012 recap

it looks like a choppy trading day,....

use the red filter & 5-day 50% level :- 4.25 to 8.5 points.

Random resistance blue channel high @ 1383
S&P Weekly and Daily cycles

choppy trading day within the daily levels...

along with the channels @ 1383 providing resistance

Weekly Report out later

SPI Futures 20th April 2012 Daily Recap

The SPI is caught between two Weekly levels @ 4358 & 4389....and is also caught between the two daily levels @ 4359 & today's potential resistance @ 4378

My view is that price will try and move downward, 4378 resistance with the inital move down 21 points towards 4359.

If the market opens closer to 4359, then the initial move could be 21 points up into 4378.

SPI Weekly and Daily cycles

Early down move into 4359....
as 4359 forms support and pushes the SPI upwards into the close.

Tight trading day between the levels, without reaching 4378

Weekly report out tomorrow

S&P 500 E-mini futures 19th April 2012 Daily recap

Same pattern as yesterday… Weekly 50% level can continue to stall the S&P from rising.

5-day 50% levels and blue channel highs, along with the red filters for a push towards Thursday’s highs (resistance)

S&P 500 Weekly & Daily cycles.

Daily cycles suggested that today’s early move would be UP, unlike yesterday’s pattern suggesting a move down.

Early rise up, and the Weekly 50% level along with Thursday’s highs pushed the S&P back down, with late selling below 1377 (50% levels)

SPI Futures Australian Stock markets 19th April 2012 Daily recap

Random resistance levels in the SPI are 4367 & 4379...

as part of the continuation of Wednesday's breakout @ 4343 and extension towards Thursday's highs @ 4379

SPI Weekly and Daily cycles

Weekly level @ 4358 formed support and pushed the SPI up into Thursday's highs...(random resistance)

as part of yesterday's breakout from 4343 :- break and extend pattern

S&P 500 E-mini Futures 18th April 2012 Daily recap

resistance (Weekly 50% level) could push price back down into the 5-day 50% level @ 1378

Potential pattern would be a move downward early, and then a rise towards Wednesday's highs later in the day (resistance)

S&P Weekly and Daily cycles

5-day 50% level  support @ 1378

but a failure to continue higher in the back half of the day towards Wednesday's highs

SPI Futures Australian Stock Market 18th April 2012 Daily recap

Trend bias is up towards the Weekly level @ 4358.

Note:- Weekly low support and trading above the April 50% level has a bias to follow the monthly cycles towards the Weekly highs @ 4389 this week

SPI Weekly and Daily cycles

There were three possible patterns today.

#1 ) sells down from Wednesday's highs @ 4343, and moves back down into the Weekly 50% level @ 4309  (support)

#2) moves up into 4354/58 & stalls (21 points)

#3) whilst above 4358 the trend bias is UP

Today followed #2, hitting 4354/58, but remaining above Wednesday's highs @ 4343...(not reversing 21 points)

And the Market is  now likely to follow the break and extend pattern into Thursday's highs, & also the Weekly highs @ 4389

S&P 500 E-mini Futures17th April 2012 Daily recap

April 50% level @ 1361 Support.

Trade on the side of the daily red filters

S&P Weekly and Daily cycles

Monthly 50% level has sent the S&P back towards the Weekly 50% level, and Tuesday's highs (random resistance)

SPI futures 17th April 2012 Daily recap

Trend guide Daily and Weekly levels @ 3409/10

random resistance 4333

below 4310 and it's likely to revisit yeaterday's spiral filter @ 4293

SPI Weekly and Daily cycles

tight 21 points ranges either side of 4309/10

S&P 500 E-mini Futures 16th April 2012 Daily recap

S&P is currently being supported at its April 50% level @ 1361

Trend guide thew Daily channels

S&P Weekly & Daily cycles

Early rise upwards, that only last the Primary range of 14 points

Even though the S&P remains above the April 50% level @ 1361

I still have the view that it is moving towards the Weekly lows @ 1345/47

SPI Futures 16th April 2012 Daily report

Note:- The next spiral filter (pink) & will form around 4293...

And will define whether the first 90 minute moves up into 4328 (resistance 4328/

or moves down towards Friday's level @ 4269

SPI Weekly and Daily cycles

Early rise from the Spiral filter @ 4293 (21 points)...

But a failure to continue higher, as the Weekly 50% level @ 4309 formed Resistance