Index, Stocks, Forex, & Commodities 15th October 2011 Weekly report

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S&P 500 e-mini Futures 14th October 2011 Daily recap

After Thursday's price action and support at the October 50% levels....

I would think that the trend will try and rise towards a higher Friday close

Trend guide 1200.50

S&P Weekly and Daily cycles

Friday was a follow on from the previous day, as the market settled above the October 50% level….

And then continued towards the Daily and Weekly highs on Friday, with buying support coming into globex market @ 7pm Sydney time.

And likely to continue higher next week.

Weekly Report out later

SPI Futures Australian Stock Market 14th October 2011 Recap

my hunch is that price will try and remain within a 42 point range today and close near the 5-day 50% level @ 4202

Trend guide 4238

SPI Weekly and Daily

SPI didn’t move up into 4238 to provide a move down towards 4202. (42 points)

Instead price moved down into 4202 and remained in a tight trading range between the Weekly levels

Weekly Report out tomorrow

S&P 500 e-mini Futures 13th October 2011 daily recap

Keep an eye on for the potential of weakness towards the daily 50% levels.

Daily 50% levels and channels highs are random support today (8.5 to 14 points)

S&P Weekly and Daily cycles

Weakness towards the support levels @ 1185-86

Providing support for a random pattern of 14 point rise, and then consolidation..

as the trend remains above the October 50% level

SPI futures Australian Stock Market 13th October 2011 Recap

SPI completes the double Weekly high pattern @ 4262...

Resistance 4249 to close yesterday’s gap @ 4219

SPI Weekly and Daily cycle

Early rise upwards into the Weekly highs....

 and then a 42 point reversal down using 4249 as resistance closes yesterday’s gap

S&P 500 E-mini Futures 12th October 2011 Recap

Monthly 50% levels as a trend guide

If above red filter at 7pm... then the trend bias is to move upwards

Random resistance Wednesday's highs

S&P Weekly and Daily cycle

Buying came into the S&P around 7pm Aussie time, as Tuesday had closed above the October 50% level.

This saw the trend continue towards Wednesday’s highs @ 1202, stalling for a number of hours, and then price followed the trend within the Weekly cycles towards new highs...

until it hit then next line of resistance @ 1214

SPI futures Australian Stock Market 12th October 2011 Recap

Resistance 4262 (Weekly highs)

Trend guide is 4219, & if below it’s moving down towards 4152

SPI Weekly and Daily cycles

Market opened below 4219 and moved down, without reaching 4152.

Instead is completed a precise 84 point Primary range @ 4170, and then moved into a consolidation pattern for the rest of the day

S&P 500 e-mini futures 11th October 2011 recap

Weekly level @ 1195 and Monday's highs could see early weakness towards the red filter @ 1179.50

That level will once again define support (8.5 to 14 points)

S&P Weekly and Daily cycles

Monday’s highs pushed the S&P down towards the red filter @ 1179.50…

However, without reaching that level, the S&P proceeded to rise a precise 14 points, before it moved into a consolidation pattern for the rest of today.

SPI Futures Australian Stock Market 11th October daily recap

Random resistance @ 4262 (weekly highs)

below 4222 ( 90 minute close) and potential down side target is 4140 or 84 points from sycom highs

SPI Weekly and Daily

SPI didn’t hit 4262, as part of a potential reversal down….

And the intra-day close below 4222 didn’t continue lower towards 4170 to 4140 (84 points from sycom highs)

Instead Tuesday remained choppy in a tight trading range


S&P 500 e-mini Futures 10th October 2011 daily recap

Trend bias is up using 1165 as the trend guide

Random resistance October 50% levels @ 1184.50

S&P Weekly and Daily range

The Trend has continued upwards using 1165, and completing the move into the October 50% level.

1184.50 provided an 8.5 point reversal pattern, but then the market continued towards a higher daily close as it follows the Weekly level @ 1195.50

SPI Futures Australian Stock Market 10th October 2011 Daily recap

Because of Friday's close above the Monthly 50% level and Weekly highs, there is a tendency for the market to continue upwards in the short-term.

Therefore our trend guide/support is based on the Weekly level @ 4152

Random resistance @ 4219

SPI Weekly and daily range…

Early selling pressure moved down into the Weekly level @ 4152, providing an ideal support base for a move upwards…

This saw the market rise 42 points and then continue into 4219, which then pushed the market back down into a holding pattern.