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S&P 500 e-mini futures 23rd March 2012 Daily recap

my view is that it will proceed to move up towards the April highs approx 1426.

However, the Daily 50% level could act as resistance over the next 8 hours until the cash market opens...

Friday’s lows @ 1381.50 are seen as support

S&P Weekly and Daily cycles…

As mentioned in yesterday’s recap,. there was the possibility that Friday would move down into its lows, and that is what has occurred, with 1381.50 forming support which aligned precisely with last week's breakout of the weekly highs.

And based on the current price action, my view remains intact, that 1382-84 would form support and that the trend will try and make a move towards the April highs 1426.

SPI Futures 23rd March 2012 Daily recap

The SPI has reached the Weekly 50% level ,as the S&P 500 reached the Support levels overnight @ 1382-84.

The Trend bias on open up using 4250 & Friday's lows as Support

Resistance Daily 50% levels

SPI Weekly and Daily cycles
Friday's support has resulted in a 42 point rise up towards the Daily 50% levels.

After reaching the Weekly 50% level overnight, along with Friday's low support, we could see the market continue upwards over the next 2-days in the short-term

This will also depend on US markets moving higher on Friday, after the S&P 500 found support on Thursday @ 1382-84

S&P500 E-mini Futures 22nd March 2012 Daily recap

Expectation that the S&P is heading down into 1382-84 (Support)
S&P Weekly and Daily cycles

The S&P has moved back down into the Support levels @ 1382-84, as part of retesting last week's breakout.

My view is that the trend will now continue higher, & towards the April highs.

However, there is a slight difference in the daily cycles, with Thursday's breakout of the 5-day lows @ 1390, that may extend down towards Friday's lows

Therefore the expectation of the Trend moving higher might not play out on Friday, if it begins to trade below 1382.

SPI Futures 22nd March 2012 Daily recap

Thursday's lows match the Weekly 50% level, which is also 84 points down from this week's highs.

Therefore there is a ton of support around 4244-46

if the market is above 4277 ( 90 minute close), then it's trying to move towards 4298 & the Weekly level @ 4300 (resistance)

SPI Weekly and Daily cycles

Sadly the SPI didn’t move down into support (4244/46) to capture the move UP towards 4298/4300 (resistance).

The Rest of the day remained within the daily channels

S&P 500 E-mini Futures 21st March 2012 Daily report

Resistance Weekly highs @ 1410

Trend guide MARCH highs 1402.50

I still have the view that the market is moving down to retest last week's breakout

S&P Weekly and Daily cycles

Another tight trading day within the daily channels...

the target remains 1382-84 and the 5-day lows   ( SUPPORT)

SPI futures 21st March 2012 Daily recap

Resistance 4293/96

Random support 4270-76

trend bias down into the Weekly 50% level @ 4244

SPI Weekly and Daily cycles

Choppy trading day within the daily levels, as each 90 minute timeframe traded either side of Wednesday's lows @ 4270-76

without reaching the Weekly 50% level @ 4244

S&P 500 e-mini Futures 20th March 2012 Daily recap

early trading is based on the Monthly highs @ 1402.50 (red filter)

market is either going to continue to follow the Daily range towards the Daily and Weekly highs (resistance)

or rotate downward towards retesting last week's breakout), which I can't see happening because of the daily levels.

S&P 500 e-mini Futures

Monthly highs @ 1402.50 once again pushed the S&P downward, but the levels in the daily range supported the market. @ 1393

I have a view that the trend will continue higher...(April highs)

However, I would like to see the market retest last week's breakout @ 1381 and rise upwards from the 5-day lows and continue the upward trend towards the new April highs over the next 2-weeks.

SPI Futures Australian Stock Market 20th March 2012 Daily recap

Trend guide 4308 - resistance 4344

Below 4308 and trend bias is down 42 points into the 5-day 50% level @ 4281 (random support)

SPI Weekly and Daily cycles.

Timeframe closed below 4308…

This put pressure on the market to move back towards the 5-day 50% level @ 4281, (random support)

The market is now below 4300, and it looks like it will close last week’s gap @ 4256 by tomorrow.

Trailing support 4244 (Weekly 50% level)

S&P 500 E-mini Futures 19th March 2012 Daily recap

Daily channels suggest the trend is moving up towards the Daily highs @ 1407..

as part of  the break and extend pattern from 1381 towards this week's highs @ 1410
S&P 500 Weekly and Daily cycles

Trend stalled at the March highs @ 1402 and was pushed downward without reaching the daily 50% level @ 1391.50

Higher timeframe breakout pattern then took over, as the market continues with last week's breakout @ 1381 to this week's highs @ 1410.

keep an eye on 4 hour close below those channels for a possible move down towards the daily 50% level @ 1391.50

SPI Futures 19th March 2012 Daily recap

next spiral fitler will form @ 3419....

Trend guide and support 4300/04

SPI Weekly and Daily cycles

Early rise upwards from 4304...

but then a failure to remain above Monday's highs @ 4317..

 resulting in the SPI trading within a 21 point range below the spiral filter @ 4319