Index & Stock Rpts 4th April 2010 Weekly

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Note: Weekly BHP, RIO, and Banking Report Update

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  • S&P (e-mini ) 1st April 2010 Daily recap

    S&P Weekly and Daily range

    Resistance around Thursday's highs providing a 8.5 reversal pattern

    Expectation of higher prices in April, which should continue to move upwards early next week.

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  • SPI Daily 1st April 2010 recap

    "Break and Extend pattern is in play:- expectation of higher prices in Early April

    Yesterday we have a reversal pattern back down into the Weekly 50% level...

    If there is going to be a continuation of the trend upwards based on the single monthly breakout pattern, then it's either going to occur from the Weekly 50% level or a lower Weekly open (Monday)"

    SPI Weekly & Daily range.

    When the market opened above 4901 and moved upwards in early trading I knew there was less chance that there was going to be another down day.

    It was more likely to remain range bound in a tight trading day around the channels.

    Any selling was either going to occur late in the day with another break of support

    Or swing upwards into the close based on the market continuing towards the April highs & towards a 42 point high @ 4939.

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  • S&P (e-mini ) 31 March 2010 Daily recap

    S&P Weekly and Daily range

    Choppy trading day to close out the Month and Quarter...

    Daily range was matching the Weekly levels (highs and 50% level), but instead it remained within a 8.5 range either side of the daily 50% levels.

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  • SPI Daily 31st March 2010 recap

    "Yesterday I mentioned that there is a possibility that Wednesday could end up a down day because of the lower channel creeping upwards

    Break of support and expectation that price will continue down another 42 points towards Wednesday’s lows.

    Trend guide 4928

    (resistance 4933-38)"

    SPI Weekly & daily range

    The SPI opened below 4928 and my expectation was that the trend would continue down early, instead there was a spike upwards and then a close below 4933 once again.

    This provide another entry for the expected down move towards 4862.

    This down move was based on another 42 points down from the break @ 4867.

    S&P (e-mini ) 30 March 2010 Daily recap

    "Support shown in the Daily pattern (yellow) with an upward bias towards the Tuesday highs

    At this stage the view is to push up towards Tuesday's highs and the Weekly highs:- (4.25 to 8.5 points)"

    S&P Weekly and Daily range

    Tuesday ends up a consolidating pattern around support, providing a double 4.25 range but failure to continue towards Tuesday’s highs.

    1 day to go until the end of the month Quarter.

    There's an upward bias towards April's highs.

    I would still like to see a rotation into support levels as an ideal set-up to capture any potential up trend during the 2nd Quarter.

    SPI Daily 30th March 2010 recap

    Trading around MARCH highs & Tuesday may end up another consolidating trading day.

    Range 4902-4952

    Trend guide 4925

    SPI Weekly and Daily range

    The SPI opened higher and moved down into the trend guide @ 4925 but then remained in a tight consolidating pattern for most of the trading day

    I didn’t have a probability pattern on today’s direction other than using the resistance and Support levels, and using 4925 as a guide.

    With price failing to open or reach 4949 to complete the 42 point range from yesterday’s lows in early trading, I had a view that there could have been a late UP move towards 4949 in late trading.

    Price pushed upwards but then failed to continue towards 4949 and instead remained glued around the central levels today @ 4925-27

    Expectation the trend is moving higher, but I would still like to see a reversal back down into the Weekly lows (April 50%).

    Wednesday's shift in levels might provide the break for a reversal pattern. (lower channel rising)

    S&P (e-mini ) 29th March 2010 Daily recap

    "Trend is up and there aren't any patterns to suggest a reversal to begin the week.

    Support Yellow:- 4.5 to 8.5 points towards the highs"

    S&P Weekly and Daily range

    Flat trading day around the Daily 50% level.

    At this stage expectation that price is moving towards April's highs.

    SPI Daily 29th March 2010 recap

    Trading range 4889 and 4949

    Trend guide 4926

    No probability on direction.

    SPI Weekly and Daily range...

    tight trading day below 4926