Index & Stock Rpts 13 March 2010 Weekly

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S&P (e-mini ) 12 March 2010 Daily recap

"Resistance on the S&P 1152, 1159

I'd be surprised to see the S&P higher than 1159 this month

5-day highs resistance match higher timeframe resistance"
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S&P Weekly and daily range

Spike up into resistance levels reaching 1159.

This price action is to ‘top’ for March, and I would begin to look for a short-term pullback early next week.

Weekly report out later

SPI Daily 12th March 2010 recap

SPI Weekly and Daily range

Another consolidation trading day with little outward movement.

With the daily channels coming together I would have thought that price would have either continued towards the Friday highs on open or the lows later in the day, but it did neither.

The past 4 days haven't completed a single 42 point range.

Upside target March highs.

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  • S&P (e-mini ) 11 March 2010 Daily recap

    "Bias is to continue higher and reach the monthly highs @ 1152

    S&P looks to be moving back towards the highs on Thursday if it continues to remain above the Yellow level"

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    S&P Weekly and Daily range.

    Wednesday's high and reversal only lasted into Thursday's support & trend guide

    & Thursday continues to remain within an upward bias as it completes the move into the March highs.

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  • SPI Daily 11th March 2010 recap

    "Trend bias is to continue higher, but the 5-day levels don't favour that scenario today unless price is trading above 4858

    Resistance:- 4843

    Random support 4811.

    Once again price is trading near the brown filter @ 4825, which could result in another consoliodating trading day"

    SPI Weekly and Daily range

    SPI continues to consolidate in a tight 5-day range with an upward bias towards the March highs.

    Early rise into resistance and choppy price action between resistance @ 4843 and support @ 4811 on Thursday.

    The 3-day cycle is the trend guide @ 4793, and next week's highs begin to match the March highs.

    If there is a change of cycle (break 4793), then the expectation is a rotation towards next week's 50% level.

    The S&P 500 hit the Weekly highs on Wednesday and has reversed down
    8 points but not enough follow through to think it’s going to continue lower towards the Weekly 50% level.

    If Wednesday's high reversed down and is trading below the Thursday
    50% level @ 1137 I would normally treat Thursday as a down day
    (lower Daily close)

    Volatility is painful at the moment.

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  • S&P (e-mini ) 10 March 2010 Daily recap

    "Weekly highs and March highs Resistance, with an Expectation that April will continue higher.

    Wednesday’s highs match Weekly highs:- resistance

    Focus on 8.5 and 14 point moves"

    S&P Weekly and Daily range.

    Wednesday continued upwards and into the highs, providing a precise 8.5 reversal but a failure to move back down into the 50% levels.

    I would like to think the S&P can continue down during globex hours, but there is a bias to push upwards during this Quarterly cycle.

    Thursday report out later.

    SPI Daily 10th March 2010 recap

    "SPI trading around the brown filter @ 4825, which suggests more consolidation and price movements of 10-21 points.

    Based on current price action in all the levels, I’m happy to concentrate on the smaller ranges of 10-21 points"

    SPI Weekly and daily range….

    Another day another sideways and choppy trading day between the levels on Wednesday and 4825.

    S&P (e-mini ) 9 March 2010 Daily

    "Upward bias towards the Weekly & March highs

    Tuesday 5-day 50% level support, with the Trend guide on the S&P @ 1132 (spiral low)

    Tuesday isn't a probability pattern of being a DOWN day unless it hits the 5-day highs first"

    S&P Weekly and Daily range.

    Breakout of the highs last Friday has continued to push up towards this week’s highs @ 1148.

    Set-up for the continuation upwards on Tuesday aligned with the spiral low @ 1132 and continued into the highs.

    Tuesday’s highs provided resistance with a range reversal @ 8 points.

    SPI Daily 9th March 2010 recap

    "I have a view of higher prices, but price will need to be trading above 4827 on Tuesday.

    And we have seen that the closer price is trading around the brown filters the greater the probability it wants to consolidate around it"

    SPI Weekly and Daily range

    Consolidating trading day as price rotates back towards 4827 and stalls.

    S&P (e-mini ) 8 March 2010 Daily recap

    S&P Weekly and daily range

    Expectation that the trend in continuing higher:- Weekly highs and then the Monthly highs (March).

    Flat trading day on Monday with a lack of push towards Monday’s highs.

    Normally A breakout of the highs on Friday would continue towards Monday’s highs and then I would look for a short-term reversal pattern to retest Friday’s breakout @ 1128.

    SPI Daily 8th March 2010 recap

    "Expectation price is heading towards the Weekly and March highs..

    However that will depend on Monday’s highs"

    SPI Weekly and Range.

    Monday highs stalled price from rising, and price moved in the reversal pattern down completing the range @ 4798.

    The expectation price will continue higher in March and probably early April...

    and along the way there will be short-term pullbacks of 42-85 point ranges.

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