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S&P 500 E-mini Futures 27 July 2012 Daily recap

Weekly lows support and price action suggests a 3-day counter-trend move upwards.

However, the daily cycles aren't providing the ideal set-up based on the channels

S&P Weekly and Daily cycles

As noted in yesterday's recap, 3-day move will take it up towards 1360, which completed today.

It didn't start off with the ideal set-up, as the first 4 hours pushed lower from 1335,
but then the Weekly cycle pattern kicked into gear.

The 3-day counter-trend upward move from the Weekly lows has completed,
but there is a good chance that Friday could continue to move higher using the Weekly 50% level as the trend guide.

S&P 500 E-mini Futures 26 July 2012 Daily recap

Weekly lows Random support, but my view is that the daily 50% level and blue channel lows will form resistance @ 1342/46

S&P Weekly and Daily cycles

As noted in yesterday's recap, Weekly lows provided support before the cash market opened, helped by the daily red filter @ 1325.

However, price failed to reach precise resistance levels in the daily cycle, whilst the DOW provided the pefect 'sell' set-up within its own daily cycles.

The rest of this week is based on whether the trend remains flat below the daily 50% levels, or there is a continuation of the Weekly low support (3-day counter-trend move upwards)...

which will take it up towards the 5-day highs @ 1360

S&P 500 E-mini Futures 24th July 2012 Daily recap

My view is that the trend will continue lower:- below all 50% levels

Daily 50% level resistance, whilst a move below the red filter will put pressure on the market to drop down into Tuesday's lows (random Support)
S&P 500 Weekly and Daily cycles

As noted in yesterday's recap, the expectation was that the trend will continue lower, and as we can see price is back down into the Weekly lows after being rejected from the July 50% level.

These Weekly lows could provide random support by the time the cash market opens..

but a break of these lows and trend bias is down into the 3rd Quarter lows @ 1303

S&P 500 E-mini Futures 23rd July 2012 Daily recap

Weekly 50% level and Daily cycles suggests the trend is continuing down into Monday's lows.
Monday's lows:- Random Support
S&P Weekly and Daily cycles

Monday started off with a Sell pattern down into Monday's lows by the time the CASH market opened.

Monday's lows and the Weekly level @ 1332.75 provided a random support pattern back up into the July 50% level @ 1346..

and then further weakness into the close.

This week now looks like it's going to continue lower, and possibly move down into the 3rd Quarterly 50% level @ 1303 by August.

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